Why switch to Solar?

Energy saving

Installing solar systems at home will potentially reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. It helps in harnessing the renewable energy from the sun.

Cost reduction

With residential solar system many families have saved thousands of dollars each year. An average household saves $2160 annually.

Increase Property Value

Having solar panels installed on your roof will improve the value of your home. Investing in solar is more like investing in your home.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, solar panels require a minimal maintenance. They come with a product warranty of 5 years and performance warranty of 25 years.

Eco friendly

Residential solar system is a great way to reduce carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a great solution for global warming.

High Return on Investment

Life span of solar power system is 25 years. Payback period is less. Within the first 4 years of installment, we can return the initial investment.

Installation Process

We're committed to making alternative energy more accessible by offering you easy, affordable and dependable solutions.
  • 1
    Site Inspection

    The site is inspected to know about the roof type, tilt angle, switch board, possibility of shading, panel and inverter location.

  • 2

    Layout of the site with the position of panels on the best possible location to get maximum output. Datasheets of selected panels and inverters & complete pricing.

  • 3
    Utility Approvals

    Once quotation is accepted, we lodge application to Synergy and Western Power. We submit and manage all paperwork for utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits.

  • 4
    System Installation

    Once utility approval is received, appointment is fixed with the client for system installation. It is done by CEC accredited installers.

  • 5
    Monitoring & Service

    You can monitor energy output and performance of your panels at every moment along with a record of data for the entire duration. Quick service will be provided in case of faults or problems with the system.

  • 6

    Performance report submitted after 6 months from the date of installation.

The more you know ...

Check in on our news articles to learn about the latest developments in the renewable energy sector and how you can take advantage of it.

Why Choose Sola Hub?

Local Perth based company

Being a Perth based company, we are local and ready to discuss your solar project.

High Standards

Installations are done by in house team headed by a CEC accredited electrician.

Transparent Deal

No further hidden charges or surprises. We promise a transparent deal.

Premium products

We offer top Tier1 panels and high efficiency inverters.

Customer Service

We have a clear commitment to customer service. We assure 24/7 local support.

No upfront cost

We don't demand any deposit. There is no lock in contract.

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