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Solar Energy in Australia: Fast Solar Installation, Significant cost savings, Quick return on investment!

Solar.. The Smart Choice of Businesses

One of the major threats faced by Australian businesses is the rising energy prices. Among renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable choice. It is inevitable for any business sustainability program. Solar power can be a fantastic financial investment for your business. It is high time we used solar energy for powering businesses in Australia.

Powering Businesses in Australia

Perth is capable of producing the highest levels of solar energy in Australia. This is great news for Western Australian Businesses looking to save on energy costs while helping the environment. There is a steep increase in the number of businesses choosing commercial solar power systems in Perth. Sola Hub is specialized in the installation of quality solar systems for Businesses.

High Investment Returns

Once installed commercial solar system will provide clean electricity for 25 to 40 years, The system thus has the potential to make a huge return on investment.

Environment Friendly

Electricity generated by a commercial solar system produce no carbon emissions. There is no transmission losses as it is generated on site.

Immediate Cost Reductions

Energy cost is the main expense of any business establishment. A commercial solar system helps to reduce or even eliminate the establishment’s power bill.

Reliable & Maintenance Free

It is reliable and requires minimal maintenance. We provide 5 year product warranty and performance warranty of 25 years.

Mitigates Business Risks

The threat of power hike creates an uncertainty for business. Solar system produce its own electricity, thus removing this uncertainty.

Enhances Business Profile

Having an environmentally responsible image draws environmentally conscious businesses and customers to you.

Switch your Business to Solar Now!

To know more about commercial solar installation at Sola power, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. If you are keen on reducing energy cost and claiming the ownership of your own power production, contact us today and make use of our technical expertise, unmatched customer service and competitive finance options.

Commercial Solar Power Installation at Sola Hub

Commercial solar panel installation at Sola Hub will be a smooth sailing. Unlike residential solar system, commercial solar installation requires in depth feasibility study. We carry out a thorough analysis of your energy consumption. Based on that we recommend the most appropriate size of system that will give you the best return on investment.

Many establishments hesitate to go for commercial solar power system thinking that it is too expensive and out of their reach. Many do not have the required capital to outlay solar panels. The zero upfront cost installation at Sola Power helps you save your business money while having the system installed. This additional cash flow can be used for further business growth.

At Sola power, we have the experience to deal with all the aspects of project from planning to approval and its implementation. We ourselves handle all the hassles including construction permits and processing rebate paper works. Our installation will be as per the best practice guidelines.

Installation Process

We provide hassle free and comprehensive installation process with minimum interruption in power in the business place.

Site Inspection

  • Information on different solar packages with their brands and ratings.
  • Inspection of the site to know about the roof type, tilt angle, switch board, possibility of shading, panel and inverter location.
  • Estimated power generation and savings on the selected solar system on different months of the year along with estimated payback period.
  • Information on Government incentives.

We will provide:

  • Layout of the site with the position of panels on the best possible location to get maximum output.
  • Datasheets of selected panels and inverters.
  • Complete system pricing

Utility Approval

Once quote is accepted:

  • Lodge application to Synergy and western power
  • We submit and manage all paperwork for utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits.
System Installation
  • Installation appointment fixed with client once utility approval received
  • All installations are carried by CEC accredited installers

Monitoring & Service

  • You can monitor energy output and performance of your panels at every moment along with a record of data for the entire duration.
  • Quick service will be provided in case of faults or problems with the system.
  • Performance report submitted after 6 months from the date of installation.

How Our System Works

Zero upfront cost installation at Sola Power is a major highlight. This helps you start saving from the very first day of installation. Leasing period is up to 7 years; during which you can repay from the amount saved on electricity bills. By the end of leasing period you will become the owner of your own power production.

Consider a sample case:

Suppose a business establishment needs to install a 30KW solar system. The Zero upfront cost installation at Sola Power makes things easier. Repayments can be done over 60 months. The calculations would be as follows.

Savings made per month – $1300

Lease payment per month – $900

Surplus per month – $400

Surplus per year – $4800

So the establishment gets $4800 cash positive in a year’s time besides being their own power producer.

Reasons to choose Sola Hub

Sola Hub has a number of different solar packages for homes. Customer is free to choose the one that is apt for them.

We give a product warranty of 5 years and performance warranty of 25 years.

We don’t sublet the work. We employ our own team members to get your work done. So we can guarantee that you get the best people working for you.

At Sola Hub, all the installations are done by knowledgeable, experienced and qualified electricians who are CEC accredited.

Staff at Sola Hub is very friendly and helpful.

Our zero upfront cost installation helps you to power your home with solar energy without any initial investment.