Double Sided solar panel

Increased efficiency with double-sided solar panels

Solar energy systems are Eco-friendly and profitable in the long run. Now double-sided solar panels are available which can move to follow the sun rays and are 35% more efficient than the single-sided solar panels. Single-sided solar panels are usually fixed at a certain angle and they don’t move. Ability to adjust to sunlight is smart just as the world is becoming smart with the internet. The double-sided solar panels with movement capabilities have been under research for some time. Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) researched on making use of the reflected sun rays that are wasted and the result is double-sided solar panels. They were also researching on using the weather report from NASA for tilting the panels but it is not useful in real-time. The double-sided solar panels invented by Carlos Rodríguez-Gallegos and his team at SERIS use both their sensors and sun-tracking systems to increase efficiency in collecting the solar energy.

“More and more evidence points toward bifacial and tracking technology to be reliable, and we see more and more of it adopted in the field,” says Rodríguez-Gallegos in the study published in Joule. “Still, transitions take time, and time will have to show whether the advantages we see are attractive enough for installers to make the switch.” Those who have already installed the single-sided solar panels need not upgrade immediately. The general lifespan of solar panels in 25 years. If you discard your current panels, you might be losing some money overall. Wasted solar panels also adversely affect the environment. So upgrading it is not good for the environment and your money. According to Raffaele Rossi of SolarPower Europe, various options for policies to help with solar panel waste are being looked at by the EU. Those who planning to install solar energy systems should consider the double-sided solar panels.

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